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As the 2024 presidential election looms, there is a growing debate within the Democratic party about whether Joe Biden should run for re-election or if a new candidate should be considered. Naria Hauck, a former Obama administration official, staunchly supports Biden’s candidacy and is repulsed by the idea of anyone suggesting otherwise. In this blog, we will delve into the reasons behind Hauck’s loyalty to Biden, examine Biden’s declining popularity in the polls, and explore the importance of a robust primary election.

Naria Hauck: A Strong Supporter of Joe Biden

Naria Hauck, a former senior director in the White House and media advisor for Nancy Pelosi, has a long history with the Democratic party. Her involvement in the Obama administration has likely contributed to her unwavering support for Joe Biden. Despite the risks involved in Biden’s potential re-election campaign against Donald Trump, Hauck remains loyal to the current president. Her background and experience make her a prominent voice among Biden’s supporters.

The Importance of a Robust Primary Election

One of the key arguments against Biden’s re-election bid is the lack of a robust primary election. The Democratic National Committee (DNC), which is heavily influenced by Biden’s handpicked individuals, seems to discourage any challengers to Biden’s nomination. This undemocratic approach denies the American people the opportunity to voice their opinions and select the best candidate for the Democratic ticket. It raises questions about the party’s commitment to democracy and fairness.

Biden’s Declining Popularity in the Polls

Recent polls indicate a decline in Joe Biden’s popularity. According to the Real Clear Politics average, Biden’s approval rating stands at 44.7%, while Trump enjoys 46.7% support. These numbers suggest a highly competitive race for the 2024 presidential election. Furthermore, a Reuters Ipsos poll reveals only 40% of respondents approve of Biden’s performance, and his public approval rating has remained below 50% since August 2021. These statistics highlight the challenges Biden faces in winning over voters.

Is Biden the Best Candidate to Beat Donald Trump?

Despite Biden’s declining popularity, he maintains his belief that he is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump. However, this conviction appears misguided, considering the polls and the lack of trust among young Americans. Young voters played a crucial role in Biden’s victory in 2020, but recent surveys show a decrease in their support. Only 49% of 18 to 29-year-olds plan to vote for Biden in 2024, down from 57% in 2019. The skepticism towards both Biden and Trump on various issues, such as climate change and gun violence, further weakens Biden’s case as the strongest candidate.

The Need for a Persuasive Campaign

If Biden wants to secure another term, he must address the concerns of young voters and regain their trust. The declining percentages of young black and Hispanic.

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