The Scandal Surrounding the Republican House Speaker and His Stance Against Police



In recent news, Liz Cheney has been speaking out about Donald Trump’s past coup and future plans. However, our lead story today revolves around the largest law enforcement scandal to hit the Republican Party’s new House Speaker, Mike Johnson.

The New Republican Speaker’s Stance Against Police

When discussing news, it’s important to start with clear, simple facts. The new Republican Speaker, Mike Johnson, is taking a hard public stance against the police. He wants to hide evidence from the Justice Department in its pursuit of rioters and insurrectionists who attacked the police and stormed the Capitol on January 6th. This is a significant development as it is rare to see a high government official take such an anti-police stance and openly admit his intention to hide evidence of alleged crimes.

The Motivation Behind Speaker Johnson’s Actions

The reason behind Speaker Johnson’s remarks is his effort to continue the previous Speaker’s project. Kevin McCarthy, Tucker Carlson, and others cooked up the idea that releasing extra videos from January 6th might feed conspiracy theories and minimize the severity of the convicted sedition that occurred that day.

Speaker Johnson’s Explanation

Speaker Johnson explained that they need to blur the faces of the persons who participated in the events of that day in order to protect them from retaliation and charges by the DOJ. He doesn’t want the people on the January 6th video tapes to be charged. However, his office later walked back these statements by claiming that the DOJ already has access to raw footage, suggesting that the blurring was not intended to interfere with the DOJ’s investigation.

Reactions and Criticisms

Speaker Johnson’s remarks have faced significant backlash from various individuals and news outlets. Liz Cheney, who led the House probe into the January 6th crimes, called on Speaker Johnson to release the videos and criticized his attempts at political pandering. She emphasized that nothing can change the violent assault that occurred that day.

Cheney also highlighted the contrast between her approach and Speaker Johnson’s, accusing him of engaging in propaganda and suggesting that a second Trump administration would be worse with someone like him as Speaker.

The Danger of an Unfit Man for Office

Cheney’s warnings should be taken seriously. Our country is currently facing a mass movement that seeks to install a full-throated dictator into the Oval Office. Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies are well-known, and he has shown us what he is capable of. It is crucial to mobilize and stand against the danger he presents.


The scandal surrounding the Republican House Speaker’s stance against police and his willingness to hide evidence is deeply concerning. Liz Cheney’s warnings serve as a reminder of the importance of holding our elected officials accountable and standing up against authoritarianism.

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