Violent Assault at Coliseum LRT Station: Police Seeking Help to Find Suspect! More



A violent assault that took place at the Coliseum LRT station nearly a month ago has recently come to light. The incident, which involved an unsuspecting passenger and a stranger, has left both the victim and witnesses traumatized. Police are now seeking the public’s help in identifying and locating the suspect.

The Assault

The assault, which occurred on a Sunday morning, was completely random and caught everyone by surprise. The victim, an elderly man in his 80s, had just gotten off a train and was sitting by the window in a bus when he was attacked. The suspect, described as a man in his 30s with a heavy build, black hair, a thin mustache, and goatee, approached the victim and seriously injured him, particularly his face. After the attack, the suspect fled the scene.

Police Seeking Help to Find the Suspect

Authorities have released photos of the suspect in hopes that someone might recognize him. The suspect was wearing a black hoodie with a small logo on the left chest pocket, black pants with zippers around the ankles, and a flat brimmed LA Dodgers baseball cap at the time of the assault. If you have any information that may assist the investigation, please contact the police.

Additional Transit Beatings

In light of this incident and another recent assault at the Coliseum LRT station, City Councilor Tim Cartell is calling for increased measures to protect riders. He is advocating for the installation of turnstiles at stations as a way to improve safety and deter potential attackers.

Perception of Transit Safety

The recent attacks have sparked discussions among city councilors about the perception of transit safety in Edmonton. There is concern that the focus on positive improvements to the transit system has overshadowed the need to address incidents of violence and assault. It is crucial to find a balance between promoting the benefits of public transportation and acknowledging and addressing safety concerns.

Mayor’s Response

The mayor has expressed his profound sadness and concern over the violent attack at the Coliseum LRT station. While he cannot comment on the specific incident, he assures the public that security officers are doing their best to ensure the safety of transit users. If additional resources are required, they will be allocated accordingly.

Call for Barriers or Turnstiles

In response to the recent events, Councilor Cartell plans to introduce a motion for a pilot project involving the installation of barriers or turnstiles at two locations, including an underground RT platform. The aim is to evaluate the impact of these measures on reducing disorderly behavior and violence. The pilot project will span two years, providing ample time to assess the effectiveness of such interventions.

Police Investigation and Reporting Delay

Edmonton Police have faced scrutiny over the delay in reporting the November 26th assault at the Coliseum LRT station. The police explained that despite making arrests, the investigation was still ongoing. It was only after reviewin.

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